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Call for Special Affinity Group Meetings (SAG) at ACL 2022

As part of the Diversity and Inclusion initiative, we are pleased to announce that the ACL2022 Call for Special Affinity Group meetings or sessions is now open and accepting applications.

Affinity groups, broadly defined, are a group of individuals that share a common identity or interest. Affinity groups are an inclusive space, where everyone in that group shares a particular aspect of their identity. They can give individuals or groups a place to discuss relevant issues, effect change, create a supportive community, etc.

These sessions will span the duration of the conference including satellite event days such as workshops/tutorial days.

Each SAG will be either 1.5hrs or 3 hrs long.  Please indicate your preference in your application.

Important Dates:

Application deadline: The call for SAG applications will close on May 3, 2022.

Notification of acceptance: May 9th, 2022


How to apply

Proposals are to be provided in PDF format to the following address with subject line [SAG Application].

The full 1-to-2 page/s proposal contains the following:

●    Proposer: Include name, affiliation, email address, and website address.
●    Title: A SAG title.
●    Abstract: A description of the SAG. The same abstract will also need to be submitted via a text box on the submission page. Please be sure that your description is accurate and that both submitted copies (in the SAG Proposal, and in the submission text box) are exactly the same.
●    Significance and Relevance of the Topic: Your objective here is to explain why the SAG meeting is significant.  You should also justify how your SAG will engage participants in group discussion and enhance future connections between attendees.
●    Expected Audience: Briefly describe the nature and size of the expected audience. If you expect a particularly large or small audience, please explain why. If you have a rough estimate of attendees based on previous years, please include it here.
●    Discussion  Leader(s):  Although  correspondence  will  be  with  the proposer above, please list any additional names (besides the proposer) and affiliations of individuals who will serve as discussion leaders. Be certain that you have their commitment to attend the conference. All discussion leaders must register for the ACL2022 conference and be present for the SAG session.
●    Expertise of Discussion Leader(s): Give a summary of the qualifications and identity of the discussion leader(s) as they relate to the SAG being proposed.
●    Proposed Activity during SAG: Provide a brief description of the activities you intend to engage in during the SAG.
●    Engagement modality: Please indicate if your session will be virtual only, physical only, or hybrid?
●    Preference date/time:  Do  you  have  a preference for time and date of your SAG
gathering? We will be avoiding scheduling during plenary sessions.
●    Preferred session duration: 1.5hrs, 3hrs.


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