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Best Demo Paper Award

We are delighted to announce the Demo ACL 2022 best and outstanding papers:


  • Best Paper

    • OpenPrompt: An Open-source Framework for Prompt-learning (Ning Ding, Shengding Hu, Weilin Zhao, Yulin Chen, Zhiyuan Liu, Haitao Zheng and Maosong Sun)


  • Outstanding Papers​​

    • Automatic Gloss Dictionary for Sign Language Learners (Chenchen Xu, Dongxu Li, hongdong Li, Hanna Suominen and Ben Swift)

    • DataLab: A Platform for Data Analysis and Intervention (Yang Xiao, Jinlan Fu, Weizhe Yuan, Vijay Viswanathan, Zhoumianze Liu, Yixin Liu, Graham Neubig and Pengfei Liu)


The best papers were selected by the ACL 2022 Demo Chairs (Valerio Basile, Zornitsa Kozareva and Sanja Stajner), based on the nominations of the reviewers.

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